Transparent projection film

Features: 1. Transparent and high brightness projection film 2. Wide field of vision, ultra short focus projector can also be used 3. This film can be double-sided projection purpose: paste on glass or acrylic plate, as a medium for indoor display, in...


Retroreflective film

Reverse reflection film: through the surface microstructure of the film, the light is reflected reversely, so as to realize the imaging of air without medium. As the latest display technology, combined with air touch sensor technology, is being widely...


Antibacterial film

Antibacterial film: Silver microparticles and precision coated medical grade antibacterial film with 100 times higher performance than the existing technology. 3. Long term anti-bacterial and anti glare properties: 1. Long-term anti-bacterial effect o...


Antifogging film

Antifogging film: different from other antifogging products, this product has long-term antifogging for years, providing clear vision. Features: 1. Excellent initial anti fog 2. Long term excellent anti fog 3. High transparency 4. Washable and frictio...

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