Dielectric free air imaging technology, as the latest display technology, leads the future, and has been gradually adopted in industrial products such as automobiles and entertainment. Due to its incomparable advantages such as being able to operate in the air without direct contact with the panel, the hygiene aspect is extremely excellent, and it is also popular in the medical and food industry.
Overview of contactless elevator control system:
New coronavirus (covid-19) is mainly transmitted by droplets and contact, and elevator buttons and door handles are the main media of contact transmission. To this end, the company combined with many years of holographic and air imaging development experience, emergency research and development of non-contact elevator control system, for epidemic prevention protest.
Product features:
The non-contact elevator control system integrates the company's cutting-edge air imaging technology and pointing light liquid crystal technology, which is currently in the international leading position, with the advantages of superior imaging quality, wide viewing angle and no halo ghost. The device can suspend and present the elevator solid button in the air and realize touch operation. The touch response is not limited to image transformation and elevator action, but can convey all the performance of the key when the elevator is running and respond with sound, so as to realize the real replacement of the solid button.