Aerial display reflector - retroreflective film for air imaging
Use reflective materials to create a distinctive air image
Through the reverse reflection material, the clear image without medium can be displayed in the air. This new technology has been used in entertainment, including in industrial products such as automobiles.
In addition, it can be operated in the air without direct contact with the panel. Because of its excellent hygiene, it has attracted people's attention in medical treatment, epidemic prevention and all walks of life, and has been gradually applied to new products.
Principle of mechanism - dielectric free air imaging (reverse reflection mode)

·Part of the light emitted by the monitor points to the splitter.
·The splitter reflects light to the reflector.
·The reflective film will reflect the light from the splitter plate in reverse direction.
·The light passing through the splitter is collected to form air imaging.
Non contact manipulation can be achieved through air imaging
It has gained great attention in many applications